Field Day – May 28, 2022

We had a great Field Day last weekend! (This one happened to have been at my house, so maybe I am biased …) We had about 20 people in all, and Tamie, Steve, and I worked together to demonstrate inspections, and I think great value was provided to those who attended. (Thanks to both of you!)

An update for those who were there – some of you were able to see that 4 of my splits were queenless. It was a little early to be checking them (3 weeks after split), but I had hoped to at least see the torn out queen cells. We saw nothing.

Today (June 3) I looked at those hives again, and 3 of the 4 definitely have mated and laying queens! The 4th one is uncertain at the moment, I will check again in another week. It is truly magic when that happens!

I am looking forward to the next field day, scheduled for late July!